Binge drinking and heavy alcohol abuse are major problems on college campuses throughout the country. They are also responsible for may thousands of other social and behavioral problems, such as accidents and different forms of assault. For these reasons, in addition to the fact that most college students are under the age of 21, nearly all of the universities in the country have a ban on general alcohol sales at sporting events.

There could be a new trend emerging, though, as some schools have begun to allow alcohol sales at their football games. According to a recent story, several colleges are now considering it as well.

While alcohol sales can help generate revenue for the Universities, the fears of creating more problems has yet to materialize. In fact, the University of West Virginia claims their alcohol-related incidents at football games dropped significantly since allowing sales. The theory behind it is that by banning the drinks, more students actually consume much more before the game and become highly intoxicated, whereas their consumption apparently drops if they know they can get a beer inside during the game.

Sort of backwards logic, but then again, you’d have to think back to your college days to see how that might be the case. There appears to be many more laws regarding substance abuse that take more of a harm reduction approach, which this can be loosely described as.

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